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Satay Club


For hundreds of years, the humble, yet exotic dish known as satay has tantalized tastebuds across Southeast Asia. Nothing more than a set of bamboo sticks with skewered meat on them, it has attracted immense popularity. Mouthwatering in its tangy peanut sauces and spices, it combines various meat-offerings to unravel a myriad of different options. In Malaysia, satay has crossed cultures and racial divides to unite everyone to its delicious taste. Just add rice cubes, onions and cucumbers together and a meal is made.

Despite its murky origins – whether brought by Arab traders or Chinese merchants, they say - satay is synonymous with Malaysia. Its unique style of being grilled over open charcoal fires and constantly-fanned by a cook is easily observed every evening in many street corners nationwide.

At Satay Club, our aim is to bring the delicious taste of satay into comfortable and family-friendly surroundings. We let guests enjoy a contemporary setting where they can choose to dine in cosy seats or have a glass of wine at the bar and watch their satay being prepared near the open kitchen. Minimal but classic traditional motifs are accentuated by understated design and décor.

More than that, Satay Club aims to revive the age-old art of cooking satay, from the many traditional spices and sauces to different kinds of game meat on offering. While you’ll still get to sample the charcoal-flavoured grilled meats, you’ll be introduced to seafood varieties too.

Our menu combines the three staple meats of satay – chicken, beef and lamb - served in set quantities of skewers. You can combine them with the classic peanut sauce, assam pedas or even a chilli-based soya sauce. The real culinary adventure begins with those who are game to try our seafood and scallop satay.

We combine these with the traditional sides dishes of cucumber, onions and rice cubes. You can even accompany them with our mouthwatering classic desserts.

Besides our signature dishes, you will be spoilt for choices with our variety of local & international cuisine such as our favourite vegetarian banana leaf rice and egg noodles and KLIA's best grilled rib-eye steak and grilled fresh jumbo water prawn, just to name a few.If you just fancy a light meal or snacks, you will definitely love our selection of salads, soups, sandwiches, pies & quiches.

If you are just there for a drink, enjoy the great cocktails and a fine selection of wines.


Satay Club combines stylish contemporary decor with subtle retro touches characterised by the classic backgrounds and designer furniture. Central to its interior concept is the open kitchen, where its team of experienced kitchen personnel can be seen creating their unique culinary delicacies. Satay Club is classy, appetising and welcoming, enticing would-be diners with its promise of a hearty, fulfilling meal.

Satay Club brings the best of satay with the most comfortable dining setting, ensuring that young diners and families alike get a complete experience. Served by highly-trained staff, you will see that our aim to revive the heritage of this Malaysian favourite will really be available to all who appreciate it.


  Satay Club
Mezzanine Level,
Satellite Building,
Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

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